2007. december 13., csütörtök

Mein Leben is die Hölle, wo ist der Noteausgang? Zu viel sex, zu wenig schlaf - wofür werd ich denn nur bestraft?

Dear Bela B., Farin and Rod,

I will be short and sweet, please bear with me. (Actually, I AM short and sweet but this is not my point…)

Having three children under six, being a Hungarian and living in Hungary AND being ärzte fans is not an easy thing. But we take it very seriously: We go to your concerts whenever you come near Budapest. We buy your CDs. (Never download any music (yours or others) illegally from the Internet!) Teach the kids to appreciate your music when driving to and from kindergarten.

This summer, my husband and I decided that we totally deserved to attend one of your concerts in Germany. To make things actually come true, we picked Hamburg, ordered the tickets online, bought airplane tickets, made hotel and restaurant reservations.

We have anticipated the long weekend until it has become clear that the kids would not get better. Yes, they are sick. SICK. AGAIN.

Therefore, we cannot make it to Hamburg. I know, I know the concert will not be the same without us in the audience. Sorry for that!

I feel that you could be extra nice to us and send two tickets to one of your shows next year in exchange for the unused Hamburg tickets. I am not asking for a stage pass or anything like that but just two small tickets for two miserable parents (or two parents of miserable children. Depends on your point of view…). It’s not like I would not buy tickets because if you decided to ignore me, (which I am sure you will), I just go ahead and purchase them through Eventim again but I think that the karmic balance of things should not be upset.

I am REALLY looking forward to hearing from you! (What else could I look forward to in December with three small children. Christmas?)

Daniella aus Ungarn

PS: If the tour sucks, don’t bother about this letter.

4 megjegyzés:

Kata írta...

Ez jó volt :D És sajnálom, hogy így alakultak a dolgok :( A gyerkőcöknek jobbulást!

Daniella írta...

Köszönöm nagyon! Azon vagyunk, hogy jobban legyenek!

Gerda Naszvadi írta...
Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a szerző.
Gerda Naszvadi írta...

Végül sikerült elérni hogy kapjatok jegyet?